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There are several paths that we can take for reaching our destination in terms of pleasure. Regardless of wherever you look these days, you will see female sex toys popping out all over the place. These are often seen in magazines, TV shows, or any web series.

Moreover, this major hype of female sex toys is because of the misguided stigma that sex toys belong to women who are either desperate or lonely. It is great to see that this thought has finally come to an end and people are accepting the fact that pleasuring oneself is important.

It is even more great to see the positive transformation in the way people talk about female orgasm and pleasure. This world of lust is huge. Hence, to offer sexual pleasure to women, we at 18care India have got you covered. We offer the best sex toys for women in the entire country. We offer several types of women masturbators and you can try anyone or each one of them to get ultimate pleasure.

If you are from India and are wondering where and how to grab one, 18care India is a one-stop platform to go get the best sex toys for women in India. Offering sex toys in Pune, Chandigarh, UP, and many more, our products come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles to suit your preferences and needs.

While many of you might feel cautious and embarrassed about buying a sex toy of your choice, some don't. This is why we at 18Care are here to offer discreet sex toys to our valuable customers. We highly believe in privacy and maintain it to the top level.
However, while these all can be exciting to hear, you must first need to know that several types of vibrators are available for you and can be the best match for you.
This guide lists the small tips and tricks on female sex toys. Without any further ado, let us delve into the discussion!

Is it normal for me to use female sex toys?

With time, there has been a great stretch in terms of understanding that sex toys were not invented to replace the need of men. Instead, they aim to provide you with more intense and deep orgasms which you might not get with your partner.

And that should be a great thing because even if the stigma around adult toys may be waning, the huge gap of orgasm between a man and a woman is not.

This is the reason why female sex toys are essential. Using them is a completely normal activity. It is healthy and you must not be ashamed of using one.

Masturbation and orgasm serve great benefits for females. Straight from eradicating our stress to easing all the cramps caused during menstruation, the best female sex toys never fail to disappoint us.

What Are The Types Of Female Sex Toys?

Picking your favorite sex toy can be definitely difficult with a huge variety of options and styles to choose from. However, it comes down to the matter of which part of your body would you like to satisfy and stimulate.

The best part? The female body does not end with the vagina and Clutton. While these may be the two most famous areas for using a sex toy, there are many more parts of a female body that are extremely erogenous.

Here are two main types of sex toys that 90% of the females opt for.


Dildo is one of the most exciting and popular sex toys for women. Being versatile, dildos for women are non-vibrating toys that they use for internal satisfaction and deep penetration. They are available in several designs, sizes, and shapes that are a replica of an original penis.

They can be anatomical and non - anatomical as well with no resemblance to the penis.  Dildos for women are available in several sizes including a big dildo, metal dildo, glass dildo, mini dildo, textured dildo, or a curved dildo that focuses on the G spot. While dildos are used for vaginal penetration and stimulation of the G spot, you can even get an anal dildo to thrust into your booty for stimulating the nerve endings.

Dildo vibrator: Would you like to use a vibrating dildo or a non-vibrating dildo?  This is a key factor that you must consider while buying a dildo vibrator. In case you want to experience a sex sash that feels real, vibrations are not so important. However, many women love the feels that dildo vibrators give. In fact, if you buy a vibrating dildo, we assure you, you will get super intense orgasms!


Vibrators are ideal for using them in any part of the female body. The best female vibrator is an all-encompassing term for any of the female sex toys that vibrate for throwing sensation and stimulation to all the erogenous zones of the female body.

Buying the best vibrator for women is a tough task as it comes down to consider each of your body parts. There are external vibrators that boost the clitoris and internal style vibrators that massage the vagina and the G Spot. At 18care India, we offer cheap vibrators that are of top-notch quality.

The G spot is one such erogenous zone in women which men often find difficult to reach and please. Located a few inches more deep on the front wall of the vagina, the G spot is a difficult spot to hit. To reach this spot, specific G Spot vibrators are available in the market that comes with a curved shape.

The main motive of the G Spot vibrators is to give the climax of sex. Unless you reach the final destination of pleasure, masturbation seems incomplete. We at 18care India provide the best g spot vibrators for our valuable customers. Along with this, we offer several other adult toys in India to provide ultimate masturbating sessions!

Tip: While you milk your G Spot with a dildo vibrator, you can drag the head of the dildo across the G Spot while you start pulling outwards. Consequently, push the vibrator toy against the top of your vagina and start sliding it back inside again.  You can get deep and super intense stimulation if you choose rigid sex vibrators that are made of metal, glass, or wood.

Types of vibrators:

Below is a quick list of several types of vibrators:

  • Internal vibrators: They are penetrated deep inside the vagina along with G-spot stimulation.
  • External vibrators: They are used on the labia and clit. They are basic and not ideal for penetration. It only stimulates the clitoris.
  •  Combo vibrators: These are a mix of external and internal stimulation. Also known as rabbit vibrators due to their shape. This vibrator hits the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Isn't it just amazing?
  • Anal Vibrators: They own a base so that they do not stick or lost when used. They are different from internal vibrators.

What material are vibrators made of?

There is a vast range of materials that are used in manufacturing vibrators. Among the most popular ones, silicone and hard plastic are some common materials. These materials are even used to make almost all sex toys straight from butt plugs to dildos.  Both these materials are safe, durable, and sturdy. Other than this, various vibrators are available in metal, elastic, jelly, fabric, glass, leather materials. For using each of these vibrators, you can connect with us at 18care India now!

Are vibrators loud?

Initially, vibrators were extremely loud sex toys. It was nearly impossible to maintain silence while using it. Therefore, once you would pleasure yourself, your housemates or roommates would know what you are doing!  However, with the evolution of technology, many vibrators like egg vibrators, or bullet vibrators are extremely low and quiet. They do not make sounds at all. To have a quiet and sexy masturbating session is finally in your reach with these vibrators.  However, if you are comfortable with vibrators that make noise, you should not be ashamed of buying one of those!

How to clean a vibrator?

All of the vibrators need to be cleaned by your hands. Do not put it into washing machines or dishwashers. You can rub them gently with the help of a wet rag and warm water. You may use a gentle soap or an official sex toy cleaner.  Make sure you don't use anything that has a strong scent. In case you use anything strong, your vibrator can capture that smell for a long time.  In addition to it, ensure drying your discreet sex toys before you plug them into the charging point or using them on yourself.


Coming to the cum-collusion, buying sex toys can be a difficult task, you can connect with us on 18Care. We offer phenomenal delivery services and top-notch adult toys in India.