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Wanna try something kinky? Introduce Butt plugs to your Bedroom

It goes without saying that having sex is much more than just penetration. A good sexual experience is all about exploring different things and willingness to keep the spark alive in the bedroom. A monotonous sexual routine can end up making things boring for you and your partner. And trust us, no one wants that. According to relationship experts, every couple should be open to trying new kinks in their bedroom. It will not only add excitement to your bedroom moments, but will also spice up your intimate life. Stepping out of the comfort zones ignites passion and helps in breaking the mundane routing, keeping the flame of desire burning. The idea here is to create long lasting memories and build stronger connections.

That’s why we have something in her that can help you explore the kink and add a spicy flavour to your private moments- Butt Plugs. Now, you might be feeling confused about what they are and how they are used and where you can find them. Well, worry no more, we’ve got everything covered here.

Let’s start with…

What are Butt Plugs?

For those, who are new and have no idea about this, Butt Plugs are another type of Anal Sex Toys. They are mindfully designed for anal stimulation, typically having a tapered or bulbous end that ensures easy insertion. Butt Plugs have a wider base that prevents painful insertion into the rectum. Butt Plugs are available in various shapes & sizes. They are also available in various materials such as silicone, glass or metal. You can choose the one that works best according to your desires and suits your requirements.

The primary function of a Butt Plug is to stimulate the nerve endings around the anal area, eventually providing a feeling of fullness and pressure and enhancing sexual pleasure. According to a survey, many couples love wearing Butt Plugs for extended periods during their sexual activities. This gives them an opportunity to enjoy intensified orgasms.

If you are a fan of BDSM, Butt Plugs can be your hero. You can use them for dominance and submission scenarios.

Pro Tip*** : Make sure that you prioritise safety and hygiene while using Butt Plugs. Use appropriate lubrication and clean them properly once done.

Types of Butt Plugs for you Choose from

Although, there are a variety of Butt Plugs to choose from at, here are some, you should know about.

Classic Butt Plugs

Classic Butt Plugs are designed for easy insertion. They come with a tapered top, ensuring a feeling of intense stimulation and fullness around the rectum. You can find Classic Butt Plugs at and choose from various colors, designs and sizes.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibrating Butt Plugs are made exclusively to intensify your pleasure during anal sex. They offer heightened sensations and are available in various vibration patterns with deep intensities. Such Butt Plugs ensure pleasure by stimulating the nerve endings in and around the anal area, eventually adding an extra flair to the overall experience.

Tail Butt Plugs

Many couples often use Tail Butt Plugs for role-playing and fulfilling their fetish scenarios. Tail Butt Plugs are designed by amalgamating functionality and aesthetics. The tails at are made of kinky materials such as fur, silicone that offer a pleasant visual experience.

Prostate Massager Butt Plugs

Prostate Massager Butt Plugs are one of the best and demanded Butt Plugs. They are curved specifically to stimulate the prostate gland, offering intense pleasure during your private moments. Not only this, but using Prostate Massager Butt Plugs for your erogenous zones may even contribute to your prostate health.

Remote-Controlled Butt Plugs

Using Remote-controlled Butt Plugs is also one of the best ways to experience the kink. Such Butt Plugs offer remote-controlled pleasure, allowing your partner to control the settings wirelessly. They are found to be the best ways to intensify orgasms, making intimate moments adventurous, even from a short distance.

Perks of using Butt Plugs

Couples are use Butt Plugs to:

Add a new dimension to their sexual exploration as both the partners get to experience a variety of sensations and intensified pleasure.

Enhanced and intense Stimulation as Butt Plugs are designed to stimulate the nerve ending in and around the rectum. They can be used during foreplay to intensify sexual arousal, eventually leading to more satisfying and enjoyable orgasms.

Better communication with your partner regarding the usage of Butt Plugs and other sexual desires can lead to stronger bonds and satisfying sexual experiences. Not only this, but using Butt Plugs can also lead to deeper emotional connections, helping you share enhanced sexual pleasure with your partner.

Spice up things in the bedroom as introducing Butt Plugs can lead to breaking the mundane sex routine and introducing novelty and adventure into the bedroom.

How to use Butt Plugs for intensified sexual experience?

Before using the Butt Plug, make sure you are well read on the topic. Learning about how to use Butt Plugs can help you make the best use of it with comfort and safety. Here are some points that can help you use Butt Plugs the right way.

Choose the right one

Before you even use a Butt Plug, you need to make sure that you pick the one that suits your needs and desires the best. If you are a beginner, you can opt for a comfortable material such as silicone. Make sure the Butt Plug you’ve chosen has a flared base that would prevent it from getting fully inserted into the rectum.

Prepare and try to relax

Before using a Butt Plug, make sure that you and your partner are comfortable and relaxed for better insertion. For this, try to engage in a steamy foreplay session. This will help with relaxation and better sexual arousal. You can also bring in water-based lubricant to insert the Butt Plug into the rectum.

Go for slow and gentle insertion

You may love to have rough sex, but going slow and gentle is the key to perfectly using a Butt Plug. Apply a water-based lubricant generously on the end and go for a slow and gentle insertion into the rectum. Try to hold the base of the plug and press the tapered end gently against the rectum. You can apply a gentle pressure which will allow the muscles to insert the plug comfortably. In case of any discomfort or resistance, you can always add more lubrication for better comfort.

Prioritise Comfort and Safety

No matter what, make sure that you always put comfort and safety while using Butt Plugs. Know that Butt Plugs are never meant to cause pain. If they are, you may not be using them the right way. In case of any discomfort or pain, remove the Butt Plug immediately. Try again with more lubricant and see if things get better. Make sure that the base of the Butt Plug is always outside the body. Once it is comfortably inserted, use different sensations to stimulate your anal area.

Remove and Cleanup right

Just like a tampon, gently pull out the Butt Plug by the base and remove it slowly. After you are done, do not forget to clean it with warm water and mild soap. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain hygiene of your Butt plug. Also, do not forget to take a moment and allow your body to rest after using Butt Plugs. Try communicating with your partner about the experience and always have room for improvement. This will help in having better experiences in the future. You should know that communicating with your partner regarding the usage of Butt Plugs is the key to satisfying experiences. Never force the insertion as the pain may ruin the entire experience for you and your partner

Where can you buy Butt Plugs?

In India, finding sex toys can be daunting due to cultural taboos and legal regulations. The law and customs ensure limited visibility and accessibility of sex toys in the country. You are less likely to find such products in the mainstream markets.

But don’t you worry!

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