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To be very Frank, Don't you wish you were bigger? 

99% of men will answer with a yes. However, many men in the world suffer from sexual disabilities and fail to satisfy their bed partners. 

In most cases, women may say that size is just a number, but deep down they do not mean it at all times. While size matters to a great extent, it signifies your capacity in bed as well. Unfortunately, many men face humiliation because of erectile dysfunction or a small size member. 

To treat this, many men opt for penis enlargement pumps, creams, sleeves, and extensions. A penis pump is generally one of the best treatments for erectile dysfunction. It helps you to maintain an erect penis throughout your sexual activity. Moreover, pumps keep your penis erect even after you complete your session. This pump involves a plastic tube that fits a man's penis perfectly. Apart from this, a battery-powered pump or a band is secured with the tube. The pump also contains a band that sits perfectly around the base of your penis after erection. This is also known as a constriction ring. 

Penis pumps are generally known as vacuum pumps or erection devices. 

While these problems require a lot of courage and humiliation to speak up, you will be amazed to hear that these products are available online today. Many adult products are available easily on online eCommerce sites. Gone are the days when you had to stand in the queue to express your disability and feel embarrassed. 

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Without any further ado, this guide speaks about the basics that you need to know before using penis creams or vacuums. 

Why is a penis pump a good option for treating erectile dysfunction? 

Erectile dysfunction has become quite common these days. In fact, after prostate surgery in men, this symptom is common. While there are several oral medications available in the market to treat ED, they have their side effects to offer. 

Apart from oral medications, other treatments involve physical medications. These are usually inserted via the tip of your penis to the tube situated inside which carries semen and urine. The material is injected into your penis to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Another treatment involves surgery where your need to go through penile implants. 

Among all these treatments, choosing a penis pump extender is a great option. 

Benefits of vacuum penis extender

Penis pumps, also known as vacuum penis extenders are highly beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction. The reasons are, 

  • It is highly effective: With good practice and appropriate use, most men can gain an effective erection needed for sex. 
  • It has fewer risks: The side effects and risks of using penis pumps are relatively low and uncomplicated. It treats erectile dysfunction effectively without causing any side effects. 
  • Low cost: If compared to several other treatments, purchasing a penis pump costs extremely less than the rest. 
  • Non-invasive: vacuum pumps do not need surgeries or any medications that are inserted in the tip of your penis with injections. 
  • Get along well with several other treatments: If you take certain medications, you need to look if it suits your other treatments. While with pumps, you don't need to worry about any such complications. 
  • Permanent job: The best part of using a pump is that you will regain your erectile function after you use it several times. That helps you to bring all the disabilities back and gives you permanent treatment. 

How to keep in mind while using a penis pump? 

Using a penis pump is as simple as that. It requires mere simple steps. Make sure you, 

  • Secure the plastic tube on your genitals
  • Use an electric pump that is attached to the tube for creating a maximum vacuum in the interior portion of the tube. This will help the blood to come to the edge of your penis. 
  • Once you get a proper erection, secure a rubber constriction ring in the base of your member. This maintains the erecting by securing the blood to stay in your penis. 
  • Remove the device. This erection that you will achieve generally lasts longer even after you are done having sex. 
  • Avoid leaving the tension ring on the place for over 30 minutes. Holding blood for a longer period may cause injury to your genitals. 

Precautions to take before using it:

There are several precautions that you must take before using a vacuum pump. Taking accurate precautions, you will experience a safe and best result out of your device. 

  • Shave your pubes
  • Use as it is directed. Make sure you use it according to the instructions prescribed in the device. 
  • Avoid leaving the ring on the top of your penis for over 30 minutes. 
  • Have a lube on your hand. For getting a perfect sexual activity session on the bed, make sure you use a lube beforehand. 

How long will the effect last?

The effect of a vacuum pump usually lasts for 30 minutes. However, it differs from person to person. Several factors including your arousal level and the timing when you put it during your sexual activity cause a major influence on how long the effect will last. 

How often can you use the pump? 

You can use pumps based on your situation and your comfort level. Most people can make use of it multiple times in a single day according to their needs. However, make sure you use it appropriately and safely. 

Does a penis pump work?

Of course yes! After all, the ideal work of a penis pump is to treat ED. The best part is, not only a penis pump recommended by professionals, most of the men use it for expanding the grid of their penis. In fact, With time, these pumps help a lot in increasing the size of the penis naturally. 


Before using a penis pump, take note of the following for achieving the best results. 

  • 1 pump a day: Make sure you use the pump at least one time a day in case you are already using it. You can keep using it for several weeks and months continuously. For beginners, you can use it 3 times a week. 
  • 15 minutes: Make sure you pump for 15 minutes in one day. You will not have any fast growth results in case you keep pumping over and over a day. In the worst of cases, it will only cause erection issues in the long run.
  • Work slowly: Follow the instructions and steps 5 times in 15 minutes. However, keep massages and rests in between them. It will be best if you have patience as it works gradually and slowly. 
  • Right amount and size: Ensure using the pump that is the correct size for you. You are simply required to have a pump for 1-2.5 inches that is longer than your genitals. Usually, average cylinders are available in 8 inches that are a perfect size for penises that are of 5'6inches.
  • The pump of what sort: Decide what kind of pump you want to use. Do you wish to use an electric vacuum penis pump, or air pump, or water pump? It is definitely up to you, but make sure you make the right choice. 
  • Comfort level: Make sure you check the level of comfortability in the base pad. 
  • Warm shower: A warm shower is a necessity before you start with the pumping session. Having a warm shower will help in a better flow of blood. 
  • Slow pressure: Do not elevate the pressure instantly. If it is your first time, it is recommended to increase the pressure gradually. 
  • Shave pubic hair: It is always advisable to shave before using a pump. Having pubic hair around your genitals can irritate and harm your area as it might get stuck. 

Bottom Line! 

Although these pumps work extremely well, they can help you get effective results. As these pumps are ideally designed to help treat your erectile dysfunction, it gives you a firmer erection. Several penis pumps are available on regular online platforms, magazines, or sex ads. However, these can have adverse effects. Ensure that the pump that you use has a limiter. This keeps away the extra pressure that is exerted on your penis. Thus, it causes less injury to your penis. 

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