A Much-Needed Addition To Add Kink To Your Sex Life

No matter what kind of sex you are having, experimenting with sex toys can help you add an extra spice to your sex life. But, when it comes to using sex toys, couples are often sceptical about the application and how to find the one that suits their needs the best. Many are often scared to experiment with sex toys, since they have no adequate knowledge regarding the same.

Little did they know that sex toys are designed and optimized to enhance your love-making sessions and add a spicy touch to the same. Did you know that for Anal play there are dozens sex toys to try and experiment from. One of them is Anal Vibrators.

Do you want to learn what’s so enticing about them? Let’s find out. Keep reading to learn what are Anal Vibrators and how they can turn out to be your best option.

Let’s get started!

What are Anal Vibrators?

In particular, an anal vibrator is designed for men and women to sexually stimulate the anus. All anal vibrators share a key trait: They cause vibration inside the rectum, which heightens sensations.

The flared bases that these vibrators have in common with others help differentiate them from other types, which are prone to slippage into the rectal cavity. Smaller than the vibrators made for vaginal use, they are generally about 4 to 6 inches in length and an inch wide. Similar to other vibrators which stimulate both external and internal parts of the body, anal sex toys are usually battery-powered with batteries packed inside or attached by wire to a source.

Unlike anal dildos such as butt plugs, probes and beads which have a fixed method of stimulation--either directly or not at all--vibrating anal toys provide various cycles and patterns in their own way. Users can choose from a number of adjustable speeds or vibration levels to personalize their experience.

Types of Anal Vibrators for you to choose from:

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are used for all kinds of reasons and anyone, male or female can enjoy them. Generally they're used to give the feeling of being satisfied or for expansion safety. Since the anus lacks a natural stop sign like the cervix is, plugs should be tapered and have flared bases.

They are made of different materials, such as medical-grade silicone and glass or stainless steel. Customarily they have cool designs or charms on the end which remain outside the body even while in use.The stainless steel plugs may be the perfect way to introduce temperature play into your anal adventures.

Plugs also come in vibrating and non vibrating types. And there are even such things as plugs available with a ball ring attachment to add some extra fun for people who have penises.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads consist of Multi-ball or spheres each connected to the next, typically an increasing size along a chain. The appeal of anal beads mainly comes from shape.

Here's a pro tip: Remove the beads slowly in order to intensify the orgasm.

While anal beads are crafted from materials similar to those used for butt plugs, they possess a unique characteristic: flexibility. Typically made of silicone, they can move and even come with remote control capabilities. Anal beads also are offered in varieties made of glass and stainless steel. Much like plugs, and most other anal toys discussed here, beads need a flared or hooked base to prevent them from disappearing or being lodged inside the rectum.


Dildos have many functions. They can be used as they are in solo activities or during partnered ones, and using a harness lets you use them for penetrative anal play with your partners. Although most dildos can be used for anal insertion, as long they are flared at the base or of sufficient length so that a firm hold is not required to prevent loss inside , there indeed exist varieties intended for use in this way.

There also are dildos designed specifically for stimulation of the P-spot, otherwise known as the prostate. Double-ended dildos and strapless strap-ons, including those sold by Fun Factory, are also suitable for anal play.

Tunnel Plugs

Imagine a typical butt plug with an empty inside. That's what a tunnel plug looks like.

For some, these plugs are worn as accessories. Others appreciate the stimulation when put in for anal play. Tunnel plugs can maintain anal dilation and are potentially useful for those who do not like the sensation of constant expansion and contraction.

Tail Plugs

Tail plugs are a little more whimsical than the standard anal attachments, suitable for those with an interest in anthropomorphic play.

And if an animal has a tail, then there's usually some sort of tail plug available. Foxes, cats and bunnies are by far the most commonly chosen realistic replicas.

These plugs are usually made of silicone, but perhaps choosing a glass or stainless steel version is better— unless you just don't mind the idea that hair could stick to it and hitchhike into your rectum.

Best ways to use Anal Vibrators:

Choose the Right Vibrator:

Use an anal-specific vibe, and one with a flared base to avoid accidents.

Prepare Yourself:

Before using, make sure you're relaxed and hard--it helps if the insertion is easier. Using a water-based lubricant may help ease insertion and make it more comfortable. Start with soft outside stimulation around the anus, then moving your way in to relax muscles.

Positioning and Insertion:

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, for example on your side with knees drawn up towards the chest and insert the vibrator's tip gently. Go slow, listen to your body; if it feels uncomfortable or painful stop and reevaluate.

Experiment with Vibrations:

Start with the lowest vibration setting and turn up to your liking. Experiment with various patterns and degrees. Experiment with depth and angles to discover the most delightful points. More sensitive places include the prostate (for men).

Engage in Solo or Partnered Play:

During solo sessions, use the vibrator to judge your sensations and tastes. When with a partner, talk frankly about what feels good and doesn’t. This way you both enjoy yourselves!

What are the benefits of using Anal Vibrators?

Using anal vibrators can offer various benefits, contributing to both physical and emotional well-being while enhancing sexual experiences:

Enhanced Pleasure and Sensation:

The pleasure principle Simply by stimulating sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus, anal vibrators provide greater sensations which are more intense than before for a far more satisfying sexual experience. They let you look for new erogenous zones, including the prostate (P-spot), which can lead to orgasms of unheard-of power.

Muscle Relaxation and Comfort:

Anal vibrators can help relieve anal tension and discomfort that occurs through gentle shaking. Anal vibrator represents a gender-free toy that can be used by people of any social identity to heighten sexual stimulation and better know their bodies.

Sexual Health Benefits:

Frequent anal vibrator use, especially those designed to stimulate the prostate gland may increase blood circulation and thereby reduce involved risks in cases of problems with prostatic secretion.

Improved Intimacy and Communication:

When anal vibrators enter in pair play, it encourages partners to communicate about boundaries and needs. As a result of this exchange between both the genders opens ways for everyone concerned to enjoy closer intimacy building on each other's love making ability and physical performance.

Stress Relief and Mood Enhancement:

Enjoying positive activities--sexual experimentation with anal vibrators releases endorphins and dopamine, lowering pressure inside your body and lightening up everyone's mood. Through using anal vibrators, people can experiment with their body, desires and preferences. This gives you a sense of power--they know what they like sexually.

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