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Last a Little Longer With Delay Spray And Sex Gel For Men In India!

The sexual health market and the industry are growing at a great pace. The best part is, the products and services that needed to be collected from adult stores or doctor's clinics are now available at online forums. The availability of adult products in India is growing rapidly from all the telehealth companies. 

On that note, comes premature ejaculation (PE). Although it is quite common, many men wish to get rid of PE for lasting longer in bed. Fortunately, the ultimate formula of lasting longer is delay spray or sex gel for men. At 18careIndia, we deliver effective gel creams and delay sprays discreetly at your doorstep within a few days. 

There are several delay sprays and gel creams in the market provided by various companies. Most of these companies claim to offer the best sex gel for men. However, they fail to do so. At 18care India, we are committed to providing nothing but the best. We own a wide range of strong man cream so that they can perform better on the bed. 

An immediate cure to premature ejaculation is delay sprays and creams. Offering bang on results, it appeals to the eyes of most of the men.

Moreover, if you are suffering from any physical sensitivity, or having any medical condition, gels and sprays usually do not have any side effects as they are created with ingredients that can have no effects. 

Delay sprays and viga gel are ideal for men who generally fail to satisfy their bed partners. Providing a stroking experience, sex gels are made with the motive to give you prolonged hours while making out. 

If you reside in India and are wondering where you can find one, 18care India is a one-stop platform to grab gel strong man in India. Offering sex toys in Gujarat, UP, Delhi, and many more, we are a dealer and manufacturer of adult toys as well. 

While many of you might feel cautious about buying a gel XXL of your choice, some don't. This is why we at 18care India offer discreet services to deliver the highest quality products to our valuable customers. We highly believe in privacy and thus, we take care of safe delivery methods. 

How do a delay spray/gel cream work? 

As the name suggests, Delay sprays and gel creams delay orgasm. By postponing your discharge, these gels and sprays turn your sexual sessions into prolonged sessions. 

These sprays work effectively by numbing the nerves present in a man's genitals temporarily. Using the spray or viga gel is as simple as one can think. Following the instructions to apply the gel-cream or spray in a small amount onto your member will do the job. 

However, after applying, wait for a few minutes before you start your session. 

You must be wondering about the numbing of your penis. However, as it is highly sensitive, a little numbing will only add satisfaction and won't ruin your enjoyment. 

In fact, under a report, many men experience comparatively intense orgasms after using gel creams or delay sprays. These products build the pleasure gradually and extend up to a longer period. 

Benefits of using delay sprays and gel creams:

  • Pocket-friendly option: Using an XXL gel or delay spray requires the slightest of effort. Being one of the easiest approaches for dealing with premature ejaculation, our gel creams and viga gel at 18careIndia are the most effective treatment to excite your sessions. 
  • Use as per your wish: You need to apply delay spray only when you have sex. In case you are not into sex much, you do not need to worry about medicating your member with gels or sprays. 
  • They are safe: The most important element used in delay sprays and gel creams is lidocaine. Ingredients like prilocaine and benzocaine are used very rarely although to a lesser extent. Each of these ingredients is proven to be safe for most men. 

Although some people might experience adverse impacts to these topical anesthetics, the count is very rare and low. The best part is, almost every man tolerates these ingredients. Having said that, it is usual to experience a hot or tingling sensation in your genitals when you apply it. Additionally, you don't need to worry about any side effects. 

  • No doctor prescription: Gone are the days when you have to stand in the queue to get your medication. Most of the products are available online without the need to show a prescription. Therefore if you are not very sure or comfortable talking to your doctor about your condition, we at 18care India have got you covered. With our discreet self-help option, we can help you avoid all of your probable embarrassments. 

General mistakes to avoid

While you use a delay spray, make sure you avoid a few mistakes. These include:

  • Hurrying up after applying: Give the product a little time to get into effect. Not waiting may numb your genitals as well as your partner's genitals.
  • Spraying at all places except for the spot: While applying delay gels and sprays, make sure you apply it in the glans (head) and the frenulum(small flap of skin under the glan). These are the most effective places!
  • Too much product: While it is completely unsafe to spray it more than 10times, it may affect you as well as your partner. Too much product may cause adverse effects and irritate your skin. It is good if you start with 1,2 sprays and wait for it to take effect.

How long does delay spray or gel-cream last?

If spoken generally, you must expect your gel cream to last around half an hour to an hour straight from the time you have applied it. One brilliant side of it is you can apply it before your bed session. Applying it immediately or before a few minutes can work equally. Using it gives you an undisturbed and zero interference in your foreplay till your climax! 

How many delay sprays/gel cream should you apply?

Well, you can apply it as you need it. Although the product comes with its instructions to use, do not go more than 10 sprays. The number of sprays varies from person to person. A lot of men find great effect at 1-3 sprays. For the best experience, you can start with 1,2 sprays. Consequently, check how it is working. If it does not work for you, you may spray more if needed. The same goes for creams. Apply in a minimal amount and wait for the effect. 

When should you apply the spray or gel? 

To be very precise, this completely depends on personal preference. You can apply the delay spray to an erect penis as well as flaccid. However, since the effect lasts up to 30-60 minutes, you can spray on a flaccid penis before getting engaged in sexual activity. You may apply it during your foreplay as well! 

Usually, most men prefer applying the cream spraying it while the penis is erect. 

Wearing a condom with delay spray? Possible? 

Generally, you can. However, make sure you follow a set of instructions. Most of the sprays specify using condoms are completely safe. Note that the condom should be of latex. 

Regardless, avoid wearing a condom until the spray is dry properly. 

In case you don't use condoms, your partner can feel numbing sensations. This is because the numbing agent shifts from your genitals to your partner's. Ensure you both are not allergic to any of the ingredients of delay spray or gel creams beforehand. 


  • Make sure you give it enough time: Depending on the ingredients of the cream, different sprays take their time to get into effect. Most of the products start to kick in within 5-15 minutes. Therefore, make sure you use it in time to get the best results.
  • No drip trip: Make sure you apply it properly to your genitals. You would never want a dripping and tripping fluid from your penis.
  • Wash after use: Well, it is quite boring to get up and go for a wash. You might feel tempted to roll over or sleep straight away.

Final thoughts! 

Knowing how to use the delay sprays accurately can increment your sexual imperativeness. Applying a tiny bit on your genitals elevates your sexual urge and treats premature ejaculation to make you last longer on the bed, thereby making your bed game a hit! 

By connecting with us, and choosing out delay sprays and gel XXL, you will experience pleasant experiences with intense orgasms! 

What are you wondering about? Connect with us today to get the best strong man gel. In addition to it, we offer bang on adult toys in India by which you can unleash your wild side and excite your partner!