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The secret ingredient to dial your sexual pleasure up a notch, adult toys are here to spice those intimate moments into electrifying adventures! Designed to ignite passion, sex toys online come in a mesmerizing range of shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

From vibrators that arouse your heavenly desires to enticing dildos for those deepest cravings, sex toys are here for all possible appetites and preferences.

These love devices are your VIP passes to a new dimension of pleasure- turning fantasies into reality and dull moments extraordinary. It doesn’t matter if you're solo or a part of a passionate duo, sex toys invite you to play, experiment, and accomplish mind-blowing satisfaction.

It’s about time you embrace this realm of sensual innovation, add spice to those intimate encounters, and unlock a treasure trove of ecstasy. Let your journey into pleasure begin with our exquisite, irresistible gems – welcome to the one-stop solution for all your adult toy needs!

Why Craze For Sex Toys In India Increasing Day by Day?

For the record, India is witnessing a whopping demand for sex toys online in India than ever before! This is because the Nation is embracing modernity and progressive attitudes. As a result, the demand for these pleasure-enhancing devices is skyrocketing.

Now you must be thinking, what else is fueling this overwhelming shift? Firstly, the breaking of taboos surrounding sexuality and evolving open-mindedness. Secondly, it is due to easy availability of sex toys via discreet online platforms.

Lastly, The versatility of sex toys is yet another crucial factor. Nowadays they fulfill the diverse preferences and orientations, which allow individuals and couples to experiment and enhance those intimate moments.

Besides, people are trying to balance their busy lifestyles. Sex toys provide them a convenient escape from the stress, into sensuality. In a nation as culturally diverse as India, the burgeoning fascination with sex toys reflects a shared desire for pleasure, intimacy, and personal empowerment to all its users.

Are Sex Toys Legal In India?

People in India have just started to embrace the modern mindset, so it’s still in the evolving phase. As a result, the regulations or legality regarding the same is unclear. While it’s true that there are no laws stating the sex toy ban, their legality is somewhat dependent on the interpretation of local authorities!

In some geographical regions, adult toys may face restrictions or could be sensed as obscene, but these rules are inconsistently enforced. Generally, sex toys for personal use are discreetly available via online sex toys store, and many enthusiasts can opt for them without fear of judgment.

As Indian society becomes liberal towards sexual empowerment, the Indian government is trying its best to regulate the use of sex toys in an explicit way. This was the last update in September 2021, and there have been no further clarifications ever since. So, it would be best if you could stay updated on the same.

Types of Sex Toys Available At 18Care Online Sex Toy Store?

At the 18Care Sex Toys online store, we understand your passion and desires- and deliver accordingly! Our inventory boasts a wide array of irresistible adult toys online to spice up those intimate moments. Rest assured, there’s something for every desire and fantasy. From enticing vibrators that dance to your rhythm to realistic dildos that fulfill your deepest cravings–we've got it all.

So, it’s about time you discover the electric buzz of sensual empowerment with our range of high-quality sex toys online in India, curated to satisfy the cravings of your deepest desires. For those seeking lifelike stimulation, our diverse collection of dildos offers the perfect balance of realism and delight.

Dive into the realm of partner play with our toys for couple, or maybe discover your wildest desires with our range of premium bondage and fetish kits! Whatever your desire, 18Care has got you covered in all aspects! It’s your very-own, trusted one-stop source for all you sex-toy needs.

Women Sex Toys Online In India

Sex Toys for women are the gateway to pleasure city and enhanced intimacy. Our love devices are all about sensuality, sparking desires and exploration. 18Care’s inventory ranges from breath-taking dildos to vibrators to make your heart skip a beat, they're carefully curated for that peak satisfaction you desire!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into a world of immense pleasure with our premium range of adult products online today! Choose from a wide array of products- dildos, vibrators, premium bondage kits, butt plugs, and many more… Rest assured, any product you pick is perfect for solo or any partnered adventures.


"Presenting you a world of pleasure with 18 Care’s premium range of dildos. For starters, our precisely crafted dildos are of A-grade quality, built to last, and won’t cost you a fortune! Whether you’re seeking a sleek design, real-like feeling, or vibrant color options, we have got all the boxes checked."


Discover a wide array of options to choose from. Whether you seek those discreet bullet vibes or powerful wand massagers, 18Care has got it all. Our rich inventory of vibrators is of A-grade quality, versatile functionalities, and ergonomic designs. It’s about time you unlock those deepest desires in an exciting, intimidating way imaginable!

Breast Enlargement Products:

Now, you can enhance your natural beauty effortlessly with our safe range of breast enlargement products. All of this with peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction. Our products range from bust full cream to nipple clamps- and everything in between. Come, join the 18Care family, and take your love life to new heights!

Lingerie Collection:

With 18Care by your side, dare to be irresistibly you! Up your intimate game with our range of seductive lace, stunning satin, and jaw-dropping styles to choose from! Whether you are exploring your deepest desires or in the mood to turn your wildest fantasies into reality, our lingerie line has got you covered!

Butt Plugs:

Unlock the haven of pleasure with our range of premium, yet affordable range of butt plugs. From beginner-friendly to those nasty ones for the experts, our selection offers uncompromised comfort, quality, and endless satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the art of utmost intimacy with privacy and confidence.

Kegel Balls:

Discover the secret to stronger, more satisfying sensations with our Kegel Balls. Crafted for intimate well-being, our range enhances your pelvic fitness discreetly and effectively. Experience heightened pleasure, better control, and a more vibrant you. Elevate your sensuality, one tantalizing ball at a time, with 18 Care by your side.

Men Sex Toys Online In India

For the record, sex toys for men are a gateway to immense pleasure, period! These carefully crafted love devices are all about boosting your intimate moments up a notch, making those special moments truly unforgettable. From vibrators that'll make you crave more to realistic strokers that feel just like the real deal, these are designed with one goal in mind–uncompromised satisfaction.

Step foot into the world where fantasies turn into reality– with devices that are perfect for a solo adventure or partner play. Whether you're in the mood for some fun or looking to spice up your moment, our inventory of men sex toys is the key to delight.

Penis/Cock ring:

Feel free to explore our wide variety of premium, yet pocket-friendly penis/cock rings. They are sure to boost those initimate moments to the next level. Besides, cock rings offer you longer-lasting, more intense sensations, enhancing your special moments. Discover the key to heightened satisfaction and unlock a world of electrifying experiences.


Nothing beats a plain and simple masturbator when it comes to solo pleasure for men. But be careful when picking one for those love moments. At 18 Care, our masturbators are crafted to perfection. It’s not only designed to give heavenly orgasms, but safe to use too. Grab one today!

Penis Sleeves:

Give your partner the thrust of a lifetime- with our range of penis sleeves that just feels like real skin. Made out of the highest quality silicone, our sleeves are easy to wash and maintain. Besides, they come in a wide array of sizes- give her up to 3 inches of more pleasure today onward!

Prostate Massager:

Experience top-tier pleasure with 18Care’s range of prostate massagers. Designed for your ultimate satisfaction, these sleek and innovative toys offer precise, next-level stimulation. Elevate your intimate moments with ease and unlock the gateway to intense, breathtaking pleasure. Explore our selection and take your pleasure to new heights today.

Couple Sex Toys Online In India

18 Care brings you the key to unlocking shared ecstasy and intimacy. Our couple sex toys are carefully crafted pleasure enhancers, built to spark spiciness and explore fantasies together. From playful remote-controlled vibrators that turn date night into a thrilling adventure to stimulating toys that inspire deeper connections, these exquisite companions are must-haves.

It’s about time you elevate your love life with our premium range of bdsm sex toys designed for his or her pleasure, enriching your journey together. Whether you're seeking to reignite the spark or take your connection to new heights, our couple sex toys empower you to kickstart on a thrilling, intimate adventure.

BDSM Sex Toys:

What that rush of desire and dominance? Try our handpicked collection of A-grade BDSM sex toys. It doesn’t matter if you're an absolute veteran or a newbie to this exciting realm, our big-boy sex toys are guaranteed to elevate your intimate adventures and bring your deepest fantasies to life!

Nipple Clamps:

Explore an exquisite world of pleasure with our tempting collection of Nipple Clamps. Discover a fusion of sensuality and style as you indulge in our carefully crafted designs. From gentle beginners' clasps to daringly adventurous options, our Nipple Clamps offer a symphony of sensations. Elevate intimacy with a touch of elegance.

Collars & Handcuffs:

Discover the perfect blend of elegance and restraint with our exquisite collection of collars and handcuffs. Elevate your intimate moments with our finely crafted, stylish accessories, to explore a world of sensuality. Indulge in the art of seduction with our stunning range of collar and handcuff creations. Unlock your fantasies today!

Masks & Blindfolds:

18 Care’s glamorous masquerade masks to luxurious silk blindfolds are handcrafted designs that promise to elevate any intimate occasion. Whether you're preparing for a mysterious soirée or indulging in sensory exploration, our selection offers style, comfort, and allure. Unveil your desires with our masks and blindfolds – where sophistication meets seduction.


Whips in a sexual encounter are a symbol of power, dominance, and sensuality. So, you deserve the best! What better place than an 18Care online store to get a whip that’s crafted with precision and passion? From classic designs to modern innovations, explore a world of choice that will leave you in awe.


Unlock Unparalleled Comfort: Explore our exquisite restraints collection. Elevate your restraint experience with premium quality, craftsmanship, and style. Discover the perfect balance of intimacy and sensuality. Indulge in unrivaled luxury, tailored to your desires. It’s about time you unleash those fantasies safely and with confidence. Check our collection here-

Why Choose 18Care For Your Adult Toy Needs?

At 18Care, our primary priority is your satisfaction. Our wide array of adult toys makes sure there’s something for every taste, delivering A-quality products discreetly to your door-step. With unbeatable prices and excellent customer service, we ensure your pleasure is our priority.

Discover a world of satisfaction with 18Care – your trusted source for intimate delights.